About us


Our Motive

We want to create a platform for learning about Sikhism.

We want these numbers of point to be done.

  1. Gurbani app to listening all shabads in one place on anywhere, anytime.
  2. Search engine for Gurbani keywords you can search into Guru Granth Sahib, and other Granths.
  3. Make a better understanding of Gurbani.
  4. Make a happy life :).

Why We Started

When we try to find a single separate platform of Gurbani kirtan or katha then we not get, then we thought to start a separate platform for Gurbani kirtan or katha and more things.

What We Doing

Now it is only a Gurbani kirtan and katha website, you can watch videos and listen to Gurbani.

We collect youtube videos and showing with the embedded system provided by youtube, and it is a legal way to host videos on the gurbanisimran.com.